Biscuit Manufacturing

Automated Biscuit manufacturing has the following processes.

MIXING: This is a process where all ingredients are put together in right proportion for dough formation. These ingredient are then fed into Mixers where mixing is done and dough is prepared for molding. Major ingredients are flour, fat, sugar and others as per the product one would like to have. Dough temperature plays a very important role. The Temperature varies from 35- 40 degrees centigrade. Low and high temperatures have an effect on dough consistency.

MOULDING: In this section we laminate the dough into sheets which then pass down to gauge rollers and sheet thickness achieved for cutting. Here we have a cutter or a moulder as per the variety where one gets the shape and sizes of biscuits. Moulder speed varies from 20 – 40.

BAKING: This is the area where we pass these moulded wet biscuit into a baking oven. The biscuits are baked at desired temperatures. Various type of heating are available nowadays as per the convenience and cost. Different types of ovens are available. Baking time vary from 3 min to 8 min as per the product requirement.

COOLING: These baked biscuits are then passed on to cooling conveyors for natural cooling prior to packing. The temperatures are brought down to room temperatures. It should be between 35 – 40 degree centigrade.

PACKING: These biscuit are then stacked and fed into packing machine for packing. Different packing material are available for packing of these biscuit in different packs. Slug packs, pouch pack or family packs etc. These packs are then put into secondary packaging like cartons to be transported to retailers. Packing machine can be selected as per the plant capacities and nature of packing. Normal packing machine speed varies from 80-100 packets per minute.

Raw material : flour, fat, sugar, lecithin, salt, sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate & flavours other ingredients could be nuts, cocoa, coconut powder, onion, garlic etc

Packing material : laminates, tapes, stickers etc

Plant and machinery : mixers, laminator, gauge rolls, cutters , moulders ,ovens, conveyor, coders, packing machines, printers etc.

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